Imagine your company logo or messaging on a 50 plus foot kitesurfing kite as seen in our examples below.

Cost Sample:

As an example of the cost to manufacture a custom kite, our blue 14-meter kite above cost about $3,000 for the three logos sewn into the kite.  If you were to order multiple kites we could work out a lower rate for volume orders with our vendor. Keep in mind we still have a management fee or hourly rate we charge to kitesurf along the beaches. These custom inflatable kites in general range from $2,000-$3,500. 

Kitevertise LLC.

A new and fun way to advertise. Not your standard billboard. 

Get your message out there in a way that consumers will be sure to notice!







We are owned by a small group of private investors looking to change the way companies advertise at the beach.  Operated by healthcare recruitment & marketing executive who has over 20 years of professional experiences. Call today (561) 613-7030 for additional information. We want to earn your business please call today!





What is Kitevertise LLC.?


We specialize in advertising on custom printed kitesurfing kites.  Our experienced kite-surfing contractors will surf with the custom-made kite that you can personally select and design for your company with our assistance, or we can provide you with several, customized designs and templates to choose from based on your requests. Kitesurf advertising is a new and unique.

















What is kitesurfing?


The sport or pastime of riding on a modified surfboard while holding on to a specially designed kite, using the wind for propulsion. See video below by Ozone Kites. 



Why should you advertise with Kitevertise LLC.?


Our billboards are unique. Our advertising kites and boards don't require the use of motors, gas, batteries, or chemicals. Good for the environment. They function merely with the use of the wind and any body of water, and we take care of the kitesurfing to do the advertising. Banner airplanes cost about $300- $700 per hour plus substantial production cost.  Granted banner airplanes are still really cool and can travel far distances, however, might not be ideal for more localized target marketing or your budget.  If you really want to target a market do both! 



Whom do our billboards reach?

Millions of beach patrons.  Think about the millions of people on the beaches in Florida and Texas for Spring Break alone. Even the retired populations in Florida / Alabama. How about the millions of folks who flock to the beaches in Hilton Head, South Carolina or the Outer Banks in North Carolina. How about Ocean City or Atlantic City, New Jersey close to the boardwalks and casinos!  We operate out of the Philadelphia, PA area too so we are very close to these North East Markets. Large audiences many of whom have never seen the branding of this form, so it's guaranteed to get their attention.


Whether you're looking for a short-term ad couple hours or maybe trying to target beachgoers/water enthusiasts on a large lake or bay for a month, two, or even the whole summer or year, then this is the way to go.


We can also create custom-made flyers and have our beach staff hand them out on the beach or nearby the kite surfer while your company's kite is surfing near the beach. 


"When you advertise with Kitevertise LLC. you are basically saying your company is innovative and fun when it comes to your culture, services, and products.  Not only are you advertising to millions of people but your also providing a form of entertainment. "




How do I know my kite and board are being used to advertise?


We at Kitevertise LLC asked ourselves this same question when we started the company and had developed/expanded employee roles and positions to ensure our kites are flying when they are supposed too.  We hire spotters to keep safe eyes on our kitesurfers while they are in the water for extra peace of mind, this way we are doing everything to ensure the safety of our surfers and beachgoers. We will text or e-mail your company representative when and where we are surfing. And of course, before doing business with us, we come up with a flight plan as to what areas we will target and when. In specific areas, we will monitor activity via boat and jet ski to ensure your company's image is always represented professionally at all times.  Safety is still our number one priority for all our surfers, so if the weather is not ideal or safe, we don't go out. We will arrange to fly at a later date agreed to by all parties. 



Can you provide HD video for our social media sites? 

YES!  We now can provide HD drone video of your kite flying along the beach and share the video on our social media sites for you to share on yours if you'd like. We have some of the best drones made by DJI. 

How much does it cost? 

There are many factors, such as the details of the kite or kites. The more graphics and detail higher the cost of production. Ballpark cost for a kite is about $2000-$3,500 per kite. Kites are not cheap but can last 100s of hours. We then charge an hourly rate.  Cost varies slightly only because in some cases we may have to travel some or stay overnight etc. We try to hire local kitesurfers in most cases but not always the case. 


Highly recommend you call us for price informational as we have many promotions going on for our first year out. Plus we try to tailor an advertising campaign around your business needs. We want to earn your business so please give us a call today! 


Please note we take care of the board, lines, and bar for the kite which can cost another $1000 to $1,500. The harness our riders wear another $150 and if a dry suit required they can cost $800-$1500. Good news for you we already own a lot of these essential items, so you don't have to worry about that cost.  Kitevertise LLC also has insurance to cover any damage and general liability.   We also can repair any damage to the kite (s) if we run into any problems. 


What format do we send logos? 

When you're ready to move forward with your billboard or want a quote,  please send your logo(s) via e-mail to In the subject line, please write your company's name.  We request you send all logos and images in a vector file including the colors/font used in your logo. If not sure just call (561)-613-7030


Thanks for stopping by our website!  









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